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Author Topic: OpenBrass - Print a trumpet or other brass instrument with a 3D printer  (Read 3171 times)

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I want to present you my project of brass instrument creation with 3D printers.

Presentation : youtube dot com/watch?v=bUuoTO4wlpo

The goal of OpenBrass is to create the files needed to make brass musical instruments with a 3D printer. Theses files will be placed directly into the public domain via the licence CC0.

www dot openbrass dot org

The manufacture of instruments is made with 3D printers and enable anyone to produce the desired instrument. (a valve trumpet is estimated at 40€/$55 maximum of plastic).

I have already made ​​a model of natural trumpet which will be extended to the manufacture of all the brass of this family with the possibility of recreating historical instruments, instruments uncommon while still maintaining a certain quality ( because it is based on an instrument generator using acoustic formulas, the rest being based on a test / error method).
This trumpet is available with 4 different shapes for now. (one is saxophone-shaped trumpet  8) )
www dot openbrass dot org/page-instruments_lists-en.htm

I also appeal for donations to fund the development of instruments. Another way to participate in this project and help me bring this project by spreading your contacts.

Jean- Charles
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Re: OpenBrass - Print a trumpet or other brass instrument with a 3D printer
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That sounds quite interesting. 8)