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Curved or flat fingers for best technique on trumpet?


Author Topic: Curved or flat fingers for best finger flexibility technique on trumpet?  (Read 7567 times)

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Trumpet fingers curved.I figured I would pop a good question in the forum just for the heck of it. How do you prefer to position your fingers while playing the trumpet?

For me, I would say I do a little bit of both. If I happen to be performing something that is at a moderate tempo, I will naturally curve my fingers over the valves just a little bit more.

Now if I'm playing something really fast, like the chromatic scale or a really fast Jazz lick, I prefer to flatten the fingers out a little bit more even though there still is a natural curve in the fingers over the valves. I just find this easier in being able to reach all the valve combinations, especially the third valve, if you know what I mean.

I studied Claude Gordon's techniques when I was younger. He mentioned that not bending your fingers is actually better, more natural trumpet technique and finger flexibility. Notice I'm using the word "natural" a lot. This is how you should always think when playing any brass instrument.

I also watch a lot of Arturo Sandoval videos. I know he isn't the end all know all, but in my opinion, that guy has got some super technique. When Arturo plays really fast, you'll notice he does a little bit of both, sometimes Arturo Sandoval will curve his fingers, other times they will be more flat.

Check out this great Arturo Sandoval video to see what I'm talking about.

Arturo Sandoval and the United Nations Orchestra

What do you think?  ???
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