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Author Topic: Geoff Alpert Releases Groovy New Jazz Funk Album, Open Your Heart  (Read 979 times)

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Being a self taught trombone player, Alpert spent many years perfecting his sound. He played tirelessly for years, but then took a break from his playing in the early 80’s to be a devoted father and husband. After the painful passing of his wife in 2002, he went back to his roots and picked up the trombone once again and used the music as a vessel to convey his emotions.

His newest album “Open Your Heart” comes at you with a mix of jazz, pop, R&B, funk and Latin sounds that can speak to anybody who listens. The album highlights Alpert’s exceptional trombone playing, which is something that you don’t hear regularly. The album will be sure to keep you up on your feet and dancing along to the wonderful sounds.

You can listen to the beautiful collection of ten songs on iTunes here: bit(.)ly/GA-iTunes, CD Baby here: bit(.)ly/GA-CDBaby and Amazon here: bit(.)ly/GA-Amazon.

Be sure to keep up with Geoff on his official website www(.)geoffalpert(.)com for any updates.