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greg-londonMy name is Greg London (aka “Sweets”). I love to play trumpet and listen to Jazz. I figured I would create this site to share the licks and patterns I and others have learned over the years. I also wanted to share my favorite Jazz trumpet videos and Jazz trumpet solos.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute licks and patterns to the site. Visit the Contributor page if you would like to be added to the list. Also let me know if you are aware of any good Jazz trumpet videos or Jazz trumpet solo sound bytes you would like to share.

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One more thing, Jazz Trumpet Licks is a continuously growing site. We are adding new Jazz licks and Jazz trumpet videos as much as we have time for to make it more educational. Feel free to subscribe in a reader or through e-mail to get notified of new Jazz licks and Jazz videos that are added to the site. Also join the newsletter to get even more cool Jazz stuff like Jazz Theory lessons, Jazz tips, even more cool Jazz Videos, and so much more.

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  1. Matt Leder says:

    I’m currently stationed with Navy Band Northeast. I was stationed in New Orleans beforehand and miss the area. I was also fortunate enough to have been part of the Louis Armstrong Quintet (MM Jazz) program at the University of New Orleans. I’m just about higher tenured out of the Navy and am planning to start a Doctoral program (DA Jazz) at the University of Northern Colorado this Fall. I wish you the best of luck and feel free to keep in touch!

    Matt Leder

  2. Ed Donohue says:


    Great site, the licks are fun to practice and you sound great. I hand the Navy Band Northwest at Stevens Jazz Night this week and thought you would be in the band, but found out you transfered to New Orleans. I got to play with the band again and had a great time. Good luck and keep up with the great licks.

    Ed Donohue
    Stevens Middle School
    Director of Bands
    Port Angeles, Wa.

  3. Brian Moon says:

    Greg your site is tremendous. You are really doing a great service for the jazz community. I am referring my students to it at every lesson.
    Brian Moon

  4. jlparisier says:

    Hello i live in french my english is bad excuse me
    I love your site , but can you give me some good idea to devellope a real sense of tempo time and swing in jazz for trumpet player
    thanks a lot i apologyse for my basic question .

  5. Sweets says:

    My best answer to this question would be to do a lot of listening, I really do mean a lot of listening. The more you listen to other recordings of trumpet players soloing or any other instrument taking a ride, the more you will develop their style and then eventually get a style of your own. If you are having trouble with time in general, I would suggest to always practice with a metronome.

    Hope this helps,

  6. ijust ran into your site and i am very glad to see you putting this out i have never been able to learn how to improvise, I hope this will help me with your live examples


  7. Eugene Rountree III says:

    This is just what I have been looking for.
    Great job!

  8. ZFunk says:

    This site is the shiz man! Thank you for donating your time to the creationg and maintenance of such a great educational site! You the man!

  9. Matt Leder says:

    Are you still a member of Navy Band New Orleans? I was stationed there a few years back. I did 8+ years in the Navy Music program and now working on a Doctoral Degreee (DA Jazz) at the University of Northern Colorado. I also fly once a month to participate with the ANG Band of teh Southwest (LA, CA). Thanks!

    Matt Leder

  10. Sweets says:

    Yeah, I’m still in Navy Band New Orleans.

    That’s cool that you used to be in the Navy Band.

    I like your site, it looks cool and some great music too.

  11. AKart says:

    Hello, Greg!
    I’m Alexander, the trumpeter from the Moscow Philarmonic Orchestra and a founder of the Russian trumpeters’ site Trumpet Club (articles, notes, forum etc.) Let’s make links exchange between our sites?

    Kindly yours,

  12. Sweets says:

    Hello Alexander,

    The best way to link to this site is to post your website at the Jazz Trumpet Licks Forum. I’m sure there are lots of people that would be interested in your site.


  13. scottinvt says:

    Hi there, brother Sweets. What an incredible and valuable site! I’m a 65 yr-old comeback player, started back three years ago. I’d describe myself as an “intermediate” jazz trumpet player. I thrash around and stumble a lot – but I sometimes get off a good solo and get complimented for it. Your short instructional videos are going to be a tremendous help, I can see. My wish for future videos: more pentatonics, maybe something just on enclosures, some things on different scales (melodic minor, dim. whole tone, lydian augmented, etc., and something on side slips, which I still don’t really understand. Wow, that’s a long list; sorry. I’m on a fixed income, cant’ afford jazz camp or theory classes, so your vids are a big help. BTW, your’s also a BAD player; very lyrical. Best wishes for your musical career,

  14. Brian says:

    Dude. I’m so down with this site,I can’t even tell you. I’m new to my horn and jazz really but I’m in it with both feet! Thanks!


  15. Thanks for sharing this helpful info!

  16. Super Sleuth says:

    Just found this site. AWESOME!!! Thanks for all the videos…keep it up man!

  17. Seb says:


    How are you? Thank you very much for your work! I just found your site and I will work on your licks ! Nice job.

    Tell me, could you send me your licks in a pdf or word format so that I can print them on a paper sheet and work on them out of home? Would it be easy to do that?
    I also like to read your licks explainations.!!!
    Sebastien Petitat.
    trumpet player

  18. Sweets says:

    Hey, glad you like the site. You can easily print the licks from this site. I think that’s the best way to do it.

  19. FortApache says:

    Hi Sweets! you are a great trumpet player, man!!
    Awesome work with the blog and I know you’re helping many people with it.
    I not a trumpet player, I play chromatic harmonica and I started listening to jazz trumpet players…

    Bye, good vibe

  20. mike lovitt says:

    greg, i’m an old alumn ntsu/unt jazz school graduate 1980
    i like your site
    like to share licks,
    i’m a pianist
    what notation program do you use to share licks?
    im from the old parker/tatum school
    had 2 master piano sessions with bill evans
    stanley clarke / bass told us to read flute parts
    nice to see your sessions too


  21. Sweets says:

    Thanks Mike, I’ve been using Musette for the notation software.

  22. mike lovitt says:

    Love the site.
    What notation program do you recommend to share licks?


  23. Dave Hetzer says:

    I am one of those trumpet players who could never ad-lib in jazz… rock prob I bought the ii V7 I, Woody Shaw, Miles Abersol books, took improve at college and who knows what else but I continued to suck at jazz soloing … drove band director nuts because I had great technique and tone …
    now 20 years later after a long layoff I ran into your site. The light bulbs came on and I said to myself.. I can do this…
    It’s a great site … I am looking forward to stealing ehhh I mean learning these licks and perhaps creating some on my own.
    Thanks again… absolutely wonderful..
    oh yeah, I also post links to your videos on other trumpet sites when this topic comes up

  24. Dean BOland says:

    Please notify me of new licks etc. Love your web site. Just wondering what gear you use. Horns and mouthpieces.

    Thanks for the web site. Great work!


  25. Sweets says:

    I play a Yamaha LA model and a Yamaha mouthpiece.

  26. eric ordway says:

    Greg, you a make your first million me your number man, would like to catch up. Things have been crazy on my end…I will fill ya in..hope all is cool.peace

  27. eric ordway says:

    Dude, I’m in new Orleans. Leaving this Sunday me. I don’t have your number.360 649 ****

  28. Sweets says:

    You are very welcome my friend.

  29. Sweets says:

    We will definitely keep in touch Matt.

  30. Sweets says:

    Glad you like the licks Ed.

  31. Sweets says:

    Brian, thank you so much.

  32. Sweets says:

    That’s a good question. I would use a metronome all the time when you’re practicing.

    It gets kind of annoying, but will help with your sense of tempo issue.

  33. Sweets says:

    Hey Joe, I hope the Jazz licks are helping.

  34. Sweets says:

    Thanks Eugene. More Jazz licks to come in the future…

  35. Sweets says:

    Thanks ZFunk…. I like that word “shiz”. I’m going to start using it in the future.

  36. Sweets says:

    We can go ahead and link up, just show me where this site’s link is at and I’ll add yours to this site.

  37. Sweets says:

    Hey Scott, glad you like the site. I’m taking to a new level. There will be more Jazz licks to come in the future.

  38. Sweets says:

    Hey Brian, glad you like the site.

  39. Sweets says:

    Hey man no problem, more Jazz licks to come…

  40. Sweets says:

    Thanks for that comment. It means a lot man.

  41. Sweets says:

    Musette, look it up on a Google search. It is free musical notation software for real basic stuff.

  42. Sweets says:

    Thanks Dave, steal the Jazz licks and make them your own. That’s what Jazz is all about!

  43. Sweets says:

    Hey Eric, nope, not yet.. Talk to you soon.

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