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A cool sounding whole tone pattern

Posted on April 11, 2009 by Sweets

Here is a cool sounding whole tone pattern to take advantage of. Really easy to learn.

Cool sounding whole tone pattern - Jazz lick 4

Here is a sound sample:

How to memorize in 12 keys:

Since this pattern is a whole tone pattern, you’ll only need to learn it in two different keys. This is due to the fact that there are only two whole tone scales out there. No matter what note you start on, there are really only two keys you need to learn this lick in (a half step apart). I memorized it by knowing I’m going down in whole steps. First you do a chromatic down a whole step, then you jump up a whole step from where you started and repeat the process until it’s out of your range.

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2 to “A cool sounding whole tone pattern”

  1. witty_name says:

    Hi, thanks for your site, I’m going to go through all your licks and patterns from this first post!
    On what chords do you usually use this lick?
    A nice addition to your posts (if you’re looking for any) would be to show the licks used in standards, alternatively a list of standards where the lick described can be used and practiced.
    Nice job!

    Sweets Reply:

    You can pretty much use whole tone patterns over anything (as long as you keep the pattern going for a bit), but I generally like to use them over dominant chords.

    Thanks for the suggestions, will keep them in mind.

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