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ii V7 I Cry Me a River Jazz Lick example

Posted on December 26, 2009 by Sweets

I would like to show you an easy way to use the cry me a river Jazz lick over a ii V7 I chord progression. There are many ways to incorporate the cry me a river lick into your Jazz solos, but this is one of the first ways I learned how to do so and I’ve been using this technique ever since.

Here is a sound sample on F blues progression with trumpet:

How to memorize the cry me a river lick in 12 keys:

For this ii V7 I Jazz lick, the only important chords are the V7 going to the I chord. All you have to know is you are starting on the flat third of whatever chord the V7 chord is. In the above example, F natural is the b3 of the D7 chord. You can play whatever your heart desires on the ii chord. After you play the cry me a river Jazz lick, your goal is to land on either the 3rd or 5th chord tone of the tonic chord. You’ll notice in the above example, I used an enclosure going to the 5th of the I chord, this is optional, but enclosures always sound great.

As far as memorizing the cry me a river lick, for me this Jazz lick was memorized easiest by feel. This is because it usually goes by pretty fast and it’s a little bit easier to memorize in some keys better than others.

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7 to “ii V7 I Cry Me a River Jazz Lick example”

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  2. Julio says:

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  3. EA says:

    I wonder how this would sound on violin…

  4. DonWon says:

    Enough already with the II v I’s that aint jazz. How about
    |Vm I7| IVMaj Vb7|IIIm IV7| #V7 IVdim|IMaj| ????

    Sweets Reply:

    The reason why there are a lot of ii V I’s on the site is because I definitely believe this progression to be a huge part of Jazz improvisation. You will see more ii V7 I progressions in Jazz charts than the progressions you mentioned.

  5. Treena Gatch says:

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