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A famous ii V7 I lick you hear a lot of Jazz artists play

Posted on April 13, 2009 by Sweets

This is a well known Jazz lick you hear a lot of Jazz artists play in different variations. A trombone player I used to work with in Seattle was kind enough to show me this easy lick.

Famous ii V7 I lick you hear a lot of musicians play - Jazz lick 8

Here is a sound sample played on trumpet:

How to memorize this ii V7 I lick in 12 keys:

This lick starts off with an A minor arpeggio starting on the 5th and ending on the 5th. So whatever key you are in just know that you will start on the 5th of the ii chord. Then I think of what key I’m in knowing I’ll be hitting the raised tonic then down to the 5th again then the regular tonic with a half step into the 3rd of the V7 chord. Know that the first 3 notes of the V7 chord is just diminished going up until you hit the tonic of the V7 chord and go to the b9 down the G scale and landing on the 3rd of the I chord.

I know this sounds kind of confusing. I really don’t think of all those instances when memorizing this ii V7 I lick. This is the short version of memorizing the lick. Think minor arpeggio starting on the 5th, know it goes to the raised tonic, then up diminished to the b9 and down the scale ending on the 3rd of the I chord.

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