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A Freddie Hubbard Bebop and ii V7 I Lick

Posted on April 12, 2009 by Sweets

I heard Freddie Hubbard play this bebop lick over a ii V7 I on his Hub-Tones album.

Freddie Hubbard bebop and ii V7 I lick - Jazz lick 6

Sound sample played on trumpet:

Video removed

How to memorize in 12 keys:

The entire beginning part of the lick is just a bebop scale. The lick starts on the tonic down to the b7th and up the scale until you go the entire octave. Then you do a  chromatic down to the 6th and one whole step down. The next part of the lick is what makes it sound cool (by going outside the key). You go up a half step and do an Ab triad starting on the 5th (this is actually a tritone substitution). The last measure just finishes out the G bebop scale.

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