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Greg Gisbert trumpet solo on the tune Smile

Posted on April 29, 2009 by Sweets

Greg GisbertGreg Gisbert takes a really nice Jazz trumpet solo on the tune Smile from his Court Jester album. When you listen to the trumpet solo at first, you’ll notice Greg Gisbert doesn’t do anything extraordinary with his trumpet solo. He just sounds really good on the solo and it’s a real catchy trumpet solo that you’ll be humming to yourself after you listen to it a few times. I would love to hear what you think of this Greg Gisbert solo, you need to own it.

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to “Greg Gisbert trumpet solo on the tune Smile”

  1. William McAvoy says:

    Awsome- I watch you tube videos quite often of the Buddy Rich band and Greg is a favorite of mine to listen to. I also play trumpet and am not so bad but never had the natural ability to get to that level. I do not know if I can get a reply back on my e-mail but there is one big question that I have been wondering for a long time! Did Greg gisbert play in the all american mcdonalds highschool band on the Jerry Lewis telethon in or around 1981 or 1982. I have an audio recording of that band playing the flintstones theme and the trumpet solo sure does sound like Greg Gisbert because he has a distinct sound and style!

  2. Robyn Gisbert says:

    yes, Greg did play in those telethons!

  3. Giras Panama says:

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  4. Vaughn Modic says:

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  7. Hi Robyn, I hear alot of good things about you. Cousin Dave

  8. To answer your question, this is Greg’s cousin,Dave – His mother and mine are identical twins & Yes Greg did play in the Micky D’s band around 1979.That started his admirable successfull career! God bless you for listening, I’m sure He’s pleased. Mr. David Short

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