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Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo on Birdlike

Posted on May 02, 2009 by Sweets

Freddie HubbardThis is one of my favorite Freddie Hubbard Jazz trumpet solos. It is off his album Ready for Freddie on the tune Birdlike. One of the reasons I’m impressed with this Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo is because it lasts for about 4 minutes and Freddie Hubbard never fails to run out of good ideas, let alone Jazz chops. There are a lot of great licks in the trumpet solo to take advantage of so you need to own it.

Freddie Hubbard messes around with a lot of motifs in this trumpet solo and how he is able to build off them to make even more creative ideas.

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  1. 13 09 09 00:03

    Sounding like Aged Port [Hubbard's Tone] - TrumpetMaster

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