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Awesome Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo on Cherokee

Posted on July 09, 2009 by Sweets

I just had to share this awesome muted Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo on Cherokee with you. I’ve never heard Freddie Hubbard play the trumpet so fast and have so many good ideas at the same time. When you watch this Jazz video, keep an eye on Freddie Hubbard’s fingers and see how clean his trumpet fingering really is. I don’t even think Freddie Hubbard is looking at his trumpet valves either. Smokin trumpet solo, really!

This is a live 1990 recording that took place in Japan at the Blue Note. I had the opportunity to see the Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All Star Big Band perform at the Blue Note in Japan. It’s kind of cool to see another live performance at the same place years earlier.

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