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Roy Hargrove and Art Farmer soloing together

Posted on July 22, 2009 by Sweets

Two very different Jazz trumpet styles, Roy Hargrove with a more edgy sound and built up trumpet solo and Art Farmer playing a flumpet had a more mellow sound and went right into soloing strong without the build.  The duet is pretty catchy sounding, but the Jazz trumpet solos is what I’m interested in.

Who do you think sounded better?

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to “Roy Hargrove and Art Farmer soloing together”

  1. Clyde Harris says:

    I vote for Art Farmer, I liked his mellow sound and phrasing a bit better.

  2. KJ Wilson says:

    Both solos were inventive, however the question is who put down the best solo period. That would be the piano player who absolutely rocked taking the group to a higher level.

  3. KJ Wilson says:

    By the way, who is the piano player and identities of the rest of the group?

  4. Sweets says:

    Don’t know???

  5. Drkeyboard says:

    Art by quite a bit. Phrasing, sound, everything. I like Roy but in this case the Master has got him. I say we ought to transcribe the piano player’s solo and play it. Wow. Very creavtive patterns.

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