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Fourth pattern going up chromatically you can mess around with

Posted on August 02, 2009 by Sweets

I know you’re going to laugh at how simple this fourth pattern is. Simply going up in half steps with a fourth in between doesn’t sound too difficult. The reason I posted this fourth pattern as a Jazz lick is because it really can come in handy over modal tunes and Dominant chords that last awhile and you want to take your Jazz solo outside a little bit.

A fourth pattern that goes up chromatically.

Here is a sound sample played on trumpet:

How to learn this fourth pattern in 12 keys:

Since this Jazz lick goes up chromatically, you’ll really only have to learn it once. Just know that the pattern is up a fourth from the first note you start on, then up a half step from the first note you started on. The Jazz lick simply repeats this same pattern over and over again.

The cool thing you can do with this fourth pattern is mess around with it rhythm wise. Find and create different variations of this chromatic fourth pattern that you like best. Since this is music, there are no limits on what creative 4th pattern variations you can come up with.

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