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Cool Freddie Hubbard Autumn Leaves trumpet solo

Posted on March 14, 2010 by Sweets

I’ve been recently working on the chord changes to Autumn Leaves. So I decided to browse You Tube a little bit to see if I could find some good ideas. Low and behold, guess what I found? A really cool and awesome trumpet solo of Freddie Hubbard taking a ride on Autumn Leaves. Plus you can hear how he interprets the head of Autumn Leaves as well as Freddie Hubbard’s usage of the 3rd valve on As and Es on the flugelhorn.

A couple other things to note about this great trumpet clip. Freddie Hubbard does a nice cadenza at the end and shows off his trumpet style in so many other ways. There is also another trumpet player in the video that sound pretty good. I don’t know his name though. If anyone could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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to “Cool Freddie Hubbard Autumn Leaves trumpet solo”


    Very good, man.He`s a wonderful trumpeter

  2. Keith Fiala says:

    I think this is the video with Mike Vax in the back watching as well… great solo – amazing trumpeter Freddie was! Man – do I feel blue when I think about all the great jazzers that have passed in recent years!

    Thanks for posting this and keeping the jazz alive!!!

    Keith Fiala

  3. beemtee says:


    the trumpet player in the black shirt is Bela Zoltan (Zoltán Béla in hungarian) the late trumpetist of Benko Dixiland Band.


  4. Wow Amazing Just inspires me to practice more. I have always been and will always be a fan of the old timers out there. Thanks for finding and sharing this amazing video.

  5. nike cheap says:

    Wow, great post! Thank you.

  6. grepa123 says:

    Wow. I thought the scene around the players was very interesting and cool. They weren’t there for the fame, money and lights. They were there for the music – which was being created right there in that moment. The flugal horn has a deep dark sound perfect for this piece. Any idea when this happened?

    Thanks for sharing!


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