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Nicholas Payton’s Jammin trumpet solo on Bags’ Groove

Posted on June 16, 2012 by Greg London

I came across this nice Jazz trumpet solo by Nicholas Payton while browsing around YouTube. It’s on the tune Bags’ Groove and Payton uses a lot of blues licks on it as well as bebop patterns. He even takes his trumpet solo outside the key a little bit and uses a lot of enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, I really don’t have a whole lot else I want to say about the solo except that it’s pretty awesome and I hope you transcribe a few bebop and blues licks from it. I know I will.

Video was removed from YouTube, so hope you enjoy some of his other music instead, my apologies.

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to “Nicholas Payton’s Jammin trumpet solo on Bags’ Groove”

  1. tunde says:

    Post me some solo scales,we’ll transcibed for more fingering.

  2. Thanks for lot of tips. Enjoy your this post. Nice work.

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