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Roy Hargrove trumpet solo transcription on Strasbourg St. Denis

Posted on January 30, 2014 by Greg London

This trumpet solo was performed live by Roy Hargrove. I love this Jazz trumpet solo so much because Hargrove does such a great job of building the solo up from calm to crazy. Lots of good Jazz licks in this trumpet solo.

The name of the band is the Roy Hargrove Quintet and was performed at the New Morning Club.

Download the trumpet transcription transcribed very well by Maksym Grynchuk and add some more Jazz licks to your inventory.

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to “Roy Hargrove trumpet solo transcription on Strasbourg St. Denis”

  1. Nick Oakley says:

    Greg, great site man! Love watching your clips and thoughts for inspiration.

    Love the hargrove transcipt too but wondered if you could help me out on some theory here??

    At bar 39 over the Fsus chord manages to squeak in a Fsharp, bnatural and csharp – how does this work? I’m baffled! tritone sub?

    Cheers man.

  2. Sweets says:

    I took another look at measure 39 and see what you mean.

    It works because Hargrove is landing mostly on chords on all the strong beats plus a moving line.

    F# a half step up, so it sounds outside yet so cool, B natural is the #4, which is always fun to play.

    Hope this helps.

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