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ii V7 I Pattern that’s Fun to Increment in Whole Steps or Half Steps.

Posted on October 08, 2017 by Evan Benton

Here’s a ii V7 I Jazz lick contributed by Evan that’s easy and fun to practice going up in whole steps or half steps. The jazz pattern is good for many types of tunes like blues, modal, straight swing, etc.


Here is Evan’s take and demonstration of the Jazz pattern:

How to memorize this Jazz pattern in 12 keys:

The pattern is quite short so it’s very easy to memorize. The pattern is just a minor arpeggio starting on the tonic of the ii chord going up to the 7th, then descends with a major scale down to the 3rd of the I chord. I like Evan’s suggestions to practice in whole steps going through all the keys. It’s also good to go through the pattern chromatically, up half steps in all 12 keys.

Please share your own tips on how you would use and practice on this type of ii V7 I pattern.

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