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A whole tone pattern I heard Claudio Roditi play on trumpet

Posted on April 19, 2009 by Sweets

This is a nice sounding whole tone lick I heard Claudio Roditi play. It simply goes down the whole tone scale with the same pattern repeating over and over again. Here is a sound sample played on trumpet: How to memorize this lick in 12 keys: Since this is a whole tone pattern, you’ll only […] Read the rest of this entry…

Two awesome Jazz trumpet solos of Claudio Roditi 12

Posted on April 12, 2009 by Sweets

Probably my most favorite trumpet CD ever made is To Diz with Love: Diamond JubileeĀ  Recordings. It is just filled with awesome trumpet players like Claudio Roditi, Wynton Marsalis, Jon Faddis, and more. Well I wanted to feature Claudio Roditi because he is just awesome on this CD. He has such an aggressive sound and […] Read the rest of this entry…

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