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Awesome Jazz trumpet solo of Tom Harrell on Tune Up

Posted on April 23, 2009 by Sweets

Tom Harrell playing trumpetThis is an awesome Jazz trumpet solo of Tom Harrell with Jacky Terrasson playing piano on their Moon & Sand album. Tom Harrell takes a ride on Tune Up which is a pretty fast tune, but he nails the solo to the wall. Tune up is basically 3 different ii V7 I chords played over and over again. This means you can get a lot of good ii V7 I licks listening to Tom Harrell on this solo so you need to own it on CD.

This Jazz trumpet solo gets really addicting the more you listen to it. Feel free to leave any comments on this post if you get any good licks from Tom Harrell’s trumpet solo.

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  1. Jonny H says:

    He’s got a nice tone.

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