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Arturo Sandoval trumpet cadenza on A Night in Tunisia

Posted on May 13, 2009 by Sweets

Arturo SandovalArturo Sandoval takes a great trumpet solo cadenza on A Night in Tunisia from his album The Best of Arturo Sandoval. I’m mentioning the best part of this recording. Arturo Sandoval starts the solo off with a trumpet cadenza with some really fast trumpet licks. Then Arturo Sandoval changes the whole mood and switches to some nice blues licks. And finally, the band comes back in and Arturo Sandoval continues to play some really nice licks ending on a high note. One last thing I almost forgot to mention is that this is a live trumpet solo. If you don’t own this tune I would recommend getting it asap!

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  1. Awesome Jazz music. He is terrific.

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