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Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo on Cantelope Island

Posted on May 06, 2009 by Sweets

Freddie Hubbard takes a great Jazz trumpet solo on Cantelope Island. If you are interested in getting the DVD it’s One Night With Blue Note. This is actually one of Freddie Hubbard’s most famous trumpet solos. One of the things I love about Freddie Hubbard is how much he really gets into his solos and moves around a lot. I believe that this is one of the things Freddie Hubbard is most known for in the Jazz world, a lot of movement while playing his trumpet solos.

Another thing about this Jazz trumpet video, is you can really hear how Freddie Hubbard uses a lot of space in the beginning of his trumpet solo and then gradually builds it from there.

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to “Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo on Cantelope Island”

  1. Reid says:

    Dig the solo and we mourn his recent passing.

  2. I just had to listen to how awesome that Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo was. Talk about really building up the improv solo.

    Freddie started out with a good amount of space, and then went crazy on non stop licks and memorable patterns. It’s really a great listen!!!

  3. moi says:

    How would one go about playing the lick in this vid @ 9:14?

  4. Sweets says:

    Yeah, I love Freddie Hubbard’s lip trills.

    You would have to slow it down to find the exact alternate fingerings, but I have a Freddie Hubbard transcription book and it pretty much shows those lip trills as alternate fingerings (usually a major or minor 3rd a part) going up and down half steps and whole steps.

    It sounds really cool, as you can hear Freddie Hubbard nail it every time.

  5. John Harriet says:

    Good write-up, this is very similar to a site that I have.

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