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Tunisia Blues – an Arturo Sandoval creation 3

Posted on August 18, 2009 by Sweets

I love Arturo Sandoval, I really don’t know whether or not he came up with the Tunisia Blues – which is a blues break in A Night in Tunisia. Click the red play button to listen to Arturo Sandoval’s great trumpet performance, lots of great licks to steal in the video. One of the main […] Read the rest of this entry…

Arturo Sandoval, Randy Brecker, Chuck Findley, and Byron Stripling on Cherokee

Posted on June 11, 2009 by Sweets

You’re are going to love this live Jazz trumpet video of Arturo Sandoval, Randy Brecker, Chuck Findley, and Byron Stripling all taking a ride on Cherokee, trading eights, and starting and finishing with a great harmonized head of Cherokee. All four of these top notch trumpet players take phenomenal Jazz rides on Cherokee, which we […] Read the rest of this entry…

Adam Rapa testing trumpet mouthpieces very nicely

Posted on June 08, 2009 by Sweets

I really like this Jazz trumpet video clip of Adam Rapa testing trumpet mouthpieces. Adam Rapa really sounds great on the trumpet even when he’s testing out trumpet mouthpieces. I also had the chance to take a look at Adam Rapa’s website and it looks like Mr. Rapa has quite a busy schedule of gigs, […] Read the rest of this entry…

Terrel Stafford Jam Session trumpet solo on Four

Posted on June 02, 2009 by Sweets

I found another good Jazz trumpet video from the Vitoria Jazz Festival back in 2006. Luckily, this time I was able to embed the video into my site. This trumpet player’s name is Terrel Stafford. He definitely took a very nice Jazz trumpet solo on the tune entitled Four by Miles Davis. Terrel Stafford plays […] Read the rest of this entry…

Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo on Cantelope Island 5

Posted on May 06, 2009 by Sweets

Freddie Hubbard takes a great Jazz trumpet solo on Cantelope Island. If you are interested in getting the DVD it’s One Night With Blue Note. This is actually one of Freddie Hubbard’s most famous trumpet solos. One of the things I love about Freddie Hubbard is how much he really gets into his solos and […] Read the rest of this entry…

A crazy fast and high Arturo Sandoval Trumpet Solo 2

Posted on April 12, 2009 by Sweets

Here is a fun Jazz trumpet video to take a look at. Arturo Sandoval is an amazing Jazz trumpet player and this video shows just that. The cool thing about Arturo Sandoval is that he is one of the few that has both Jazz chops and high note chops. One of my favorite CDs of […] Read the rest of this entry…

Tom Harrell and Philippe Catherine

Posted on April 10, 2009 by Sweets

This is my first post for What better way to start it off than with a great Jazz trumpet video of Tom Harrell playing with Philippe Catherine. This Jazz trumpet video displays one of my favorite trumpet solos of Tom Harrell. Though I have many favorite trumpet solos of Tom Harrell, this particular trumpet […] Read the rest of this entry…

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