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Jon Faddis trumpet solo on Donna Lee

Posted on July 26, 2009 by Sweets

You’re going to love this Jon Faddis Jazz trumpet solo on Donna Lee. If you want to get right to the Jon Faddis trumpet solo, skip ahead on the video to 1:40 . I’m not saying the sax player isn’t worth listening to, I’m just trying to save some of your time as these are busy times. Jon Faddis improvises a little bit more towards the end as he and the sax player trade before going back into the head. I love high note trumpet solos that also have Jazz licks in them.

I wonder what tempo they are taking Donna Lee at, does anybody think they know? This video is of a TV broadcast performed live in the mid 1990s.

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to “Jon Faddis trumpet solo on Donna Lee”

  1. Acebone says:

    Man, that’s around 400BPM!!!!

  2. Acebone says:

    Gravatar! I’ll go get mine 🙂

  3. Jay says:

    I calculated it at about 195 bpm in double time which puts it at about 390 bpm.

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