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Terence Blanchard jam session solo on Morning Sunrise changes

Posted on October 19, 2009 by ashizuru

It’s always cool to hear a famous Jazz trumpet player like Terence Blanchard at a jam session. I’ve never got to hear him really play without a whole bunch of bendsĀ  in his trumpet solo until I watched this Jazz video clip of him at the 2007 Vitoria Jazz Festival. I’m not 100% sure of the chord changes, I think it is from the tune Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise.

Notice how Terence Blanchard uses a whole bunch of chromatic Jazz licks as his style of trumpet playing which is cool. Even though Terence Blanchard is jamming, he maintains his own unique style on the trumpet. He really doesn’t use a whole lot of breaks though. Instead he goes hard core pretty much all the way until the end of his jam session Jazz solo.

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to “Terence Blanchard jam session solo on Morning Sunrise changes”

  1. jack mendleso says:

    Thanks, man. I’ve heard TB live a couple of times and have a couple of his CD’s. Never heard him cooking like this, can’t believe it’s the same guy. Ate his Wheaties that day, huh? Yeah, hard core, indeed. Stands up well w other of my favorites, Freddie, Lee Morgan, Wynton. The jam by Ryan K. was good too. Carry on…jack

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