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Turnaround Jazz lick that uses the b9 on V7 chords

Posted on October 08, 2009 by Sweets

Here’s a neat sounding turnaround Jazz lick that leans on the b9 when it’s on the V7 chord. The b9 is what makes the lick sound really cool because it makes the pattern want to go towards the next chord change.

Turnaround Jazz lick that uses b9 over V7 chords.

Here is a sound sample on trumpet:

How to memorize this turnaround in 12 keys:

First know that it is a iii VI ii V7 I turnaround (3, 6, 2, 5, 1). In other words, it’s a ii V7 up a whole step, then a ii V7 I pattern in the tonic key. Very easy to get used to and it’s used in a whole lot of Jazz charts. If you’ve already worked a lot on various ii V7 I patterns, this Jazz lick will be very easy for you to get down.

Here is my take on it in a snap shot, starts on the 5th of the iii chord and is a minor arpeggio to the 3rd of the VI chord, up to the b9 and down the scale to the minor 3rd of ii chord, then do a turn on the b7th to the 3rd of the V7 chord up to the b9 and down the scale to the III of the I chord.

You’re obviously not going to think about all of this while playing the lick. You’ll mainly just want to mess around with your ii V7 I Jazz patterns and you’ll be able to come up with some really nice turnarounds on your own.

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to “Turnaround Jazz lick that uses the b9 on V7 chords”

  1. I’m a 64 year old trumpet player. played professionally for 45 years. my weakness is playing good jazz. recently had an accident and have nothing but time for another year. found your page very helpful. in music,one can always improve. can you suggest a good book which can show me trumpet licks and the explanation behind them? thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m no longer a young musician but am interested in improving my craft. John Bittelari

  2. Sweets says:

    I got a similar question to this one that I answered at the Jazz Trumpet Forum, click here for a few Jazz Improv book recommendations.

    Glad you like the site.

  3. Rellon says:

    Hi, I’m really impressed wuth tour site. You actually teach much of the kibds of lick I learnt and you recommend practising in all keys which is THE important thing. I have also found practising the bebop scale like modes works well, up and down for two octaves in one breath. Keep up the good work.

  4. poulpaya says:

    As a high school jazz director and trumpet player, I can’t believe that I have just now stumbledd upon your website. What an amazing resource! I have a request….more turnound licks. As an educator I struggle to teach turnarounds just because they go by so fast. Licks are a great way to bridge that gap. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Josiah Imm says:

    Exceptional site, where did you come up with the information in this write-up? I’m glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  6. Sweets says:

    Just take it one step at a time.

  7. Emil Jessick says:

    catchy little title, LOL

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