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Jon Faddis shows off his trumpet chops with Dizzy Gillespie, Moody, and Henricks

Posted on February 08, 2010 by Sweets

I just had to share this video with everyone. Jon Faddis is really something else. How he got his trumpet chops to be so strong, I will forever wonder. Anyway, this awesome Jazz video of Jon Faddis taking a trumpet solo in the presence of Dizzy Gillespie, James Moody, and Jon Henricks.

The thing I like best about this video is being able to watch Jon Faddis adjust his embouchure to go into the upper range. I notice a lot of trumpet players do this.

What do you think?

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to “Jon Faddis shows off his trumpet chops with Dizzy Gillespie, Moody, and Henricks”

  1. gregopvuur says:

    The man definitely has some killer chops. Watching him adjust his embouchure makes me think back to all of my trumpet teachers (including my present one) who have said that the change in embouchure between high & low registers should be as minimal as possible, that all you need is that strong, steady stream of air. I also think that a lot of players can get too caught up in thinking about what my mouth is doing when I should just be playing!

    I also think you should post more often! I love the licks you contribute! Thank you for giving me another resource to draw from in my everyday playing.

    New Orleans

  2. Sweets says:

    I’m glad you like the site. I would post more often, but I always get caught up in other online tasks I’m involved in. I have a lot more Jazz licks I need and want to add. So as long as you’re a subscriber you’ll get notified as soon as I post them.


  3. Nice clip. He’s a monster! Heard him at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Nice site, thanks for posting!

  4. After reading Excellent ideas on your Blog. I appreciate. thanks you for posting this good content

  5. Trisha says:

    Woah nelly, how about them apleps!

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