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A bebop lick you can use over a ii V7 I

Posted on April 20, 2009 by Sweets

Here is a ii V7 I lick that uses the bebop scale for pretty much the entire lick.

Bebop lick - Jazz lick 13

Here is a sample of the lick played on trumpet:

How to memorize this lick in 12 keys:

If you just think about the C bebop scale throughout this entire lick, you’ll learn it very quickly in 12 keys. This lick simply starts on the tonic of whatever bebop scale you are playing, but on the 5th of the I chord. So for a G ii V7 I, what bebop scale would you play? That’s right, the D bebop scale, because it is a 5th above the I chord.

So you start on the tonic of the bebop you are playing and go down the bebop scale until you hit the 3rd. Once you hit the 3rd, you just go up a diminished arpeggio which will hit the b9, then finish out the bebop scale however you would like to and land on a chord tone of the I chord. In the above sample, the lick ends on the 3rd of the I chord.

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to “A bebop lick you can use over a ii V7 I”

  1. Kasey says:

    This almost sounds like how Lee Morgan started off his solo on “Moments Notice”

  2. Kamaluddeen says:

    finally someone who sattrs from the BEGINNING! Jazz has been so confusing to me because there is no smoke on the water per se. It’s all advanced, and there doesn’t seem to be a gradual build up at all. thanks for your efforts!

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